My encounter with art was an incredible emotional and sensorial shock. My life changed since I could enjoy the benefits of art with well-known Italian artists (sculptors, painters). The power of energy soothes pain, the power of colors brings a better life, the power of the soul of artists makes one feel emotions. All this power and this light is life. Very sensitive to the works of Elvino MOTTI and Giuseppe MENOZZI but also to those of other artists who all express a lot of sensitivity and humanity, I live differently thanks to these meetings. The soul and sensitivity of these artists not only changed my life, but they simply allowed me to exist. It would be impossible for me today to live without the presence of these artists because their art has become my therapy. We all have the right to live even if we are handicapped by pain or life events. Art therapy is neither a matter of age nor a question of pathology, but a source of infinite energy to live better with our differences. I wanted to share my experience and allow others to learn about the benefits of art and its therapy. My message will be to say that these energies exist. When you feel the emotions that a sculpture, a canvas, a work of art can bring, take this energy that will be of precious help to you to live better.

"Letters to the master Giuseppe Menozzi"

Art Therapy to Palace of the Arts P.A.N. to Napoli

Art is Therapy